Does God Lead People Astray?

This article briefly presents a reply to the commonly held belief in many faiths that it is God (Allah) who has pre-determined the fate of people, and whatever good or bad happens to them in life is not a result of their own actions but was pre-written for them in their fate. If people are astray, then it is God to blame for that as well, according to this widely held notion in various Religions.

Some time ago we received the following question by e-mail, and it indicates that some people can arrive at this conclusion superficially reading some Quranic passages.


Why Are We Here?

One of the major questions that any person asks when exploring the subject of life and religion in general is the ‘why are we here’ question.

Some people have claimed that if there is an afterlife and reward/punishment, then God is unfair since He is judging people who may not have wanted to be created or placed on Earth in the first place. Others have made claim that God is simply amusing Himself with our creation and then He gets to see us burn or move on to paradise like some characters in a video game. Others have taken an altogether different view and have claimed that we are here as the result of some intergalactic war/feud between God and Satan that took place eons ago and that Earth is the prison for Satan and his followers to redeem themselves back to the graces of the Almighty!

As is usual when confronting any subject where we may not have all the answers, the best source to turn to for the absolute truth is God’s Scripture – the Quran.


What is Religion?

This word that most people are willing to die for, that wars have been fought over, that people have been persecuted and isolated for…Is something most people don’t really know much about!

As amazing as that sounds, it is absolutely true. Different people have different understanding of the word ‘religion’.

  • Some think it is a ‘club’ which only the ‘chosen ones belong’;
  • Some think it is ‘mandatory’ on all people (even children);
  • Some think it is ‘for the poor’ to give them hope;
  • Some think it is ‘just rituals’ and has no real significance in real life.

How Can We Observe The Salaat Prayers By Following The Quran Alone?

"How can we observe the Salaat prayers by following the Quran alone?" is a favorite question among Sunni and Shiite Muslims who follow derivative texts, religious instruction, teachings and laws, all of which are written by men.  With this question, both sects try to justify the necessity and proliferation of contradictory sectarian teachings, medieval Arab culture, oppressive laws filled with prohibitions and regulations--all falsely attributed to God and His prophet.

As a result, Monotheism is redefined as a "Limited Partnership", in which the recognition and submission to God alone becomes an oxymoron; a contradiction in terms in which other 'partners' are submitted to and accepted by these 'believers.'


Zakat in the Quran

The definition of zakaat becomes evident after proper studying of the word.

[Maryam 19:19] He said, "I am the messenger of your Lord, to grant you a (GHULAMAN ZAKIYYA) pure son."

[al-Kahf 18:74] So they went. When they met a (NAFSUN ZAKIYYA- pure, well built) young boy, he killed him. He said, "Why did you kill such an innocent person, who did not kill another person? You have committed something horrendous."


I Want the Earth Plus 5%

Fabian was excited as he once more rehearsed his speech for the crowd certain to turn up tomorrow. He had always wanted prestige and power and now his dreams were going to come true. He was a craftsman working with silver and gold, making jewelry and ornaments, but he became dissatisfied with working for a living. He needed excitement, a challenge, and now his plan was ready to begin.        

For generations the people used the barter system. A man supported his own family by providing all their needs or else he specialised in a particular trade. Whatever surpluses he might have from his own production, he exchanged or swapped for the surplus of others.                             

Market day was always noise and dusty, yet people looked forward to the shouting and waving, and especially the companionship. It used to be a happy place, but now there were too many people, too much arguing. There was no time for chatting - a better system was needed.


God's System of Doom

"We have sent down to you a scripture containing your message. Do you not understand?" (Qur’an 21:10)

When we read the stories of previous generations as related in The Qur’an, most of us are unable to relate to them thinking that they are 'tales from the past' which no longer have any significance in our age of science & technology.

"We narrate to you the best narration's through the revelation of this Reading (Quran). Before this, you were totally unaware." (Qur’an 12:3)

Enemy # 1

After reading the Quran from cover to cover a few times, it becomes overwhelmingly evident that the central theme of the Quran is the One-ness (Tawhid) of God.

This important realization leads to the following: in this journey called life, humankind's worst danger, its true "public enemy number one" if you like, is idolatry.

Our puny minds are conditioned to believe that the worst atrocity a human being can commit is murder. Amazingly, precedent exists in the Quran where even murder is forgiven by God - see the story of Moses. This is not to say that every murderer will go scot free. Far from it. But the point is that, in the right circumstances, ever murder is forgivable. However, contrast this with the one crime that God says in the Quran that is not forgivable (if maintained). Yup - you guessed it - idolatry - public enemy number one.


Are Two Women Equal to One Man?

According to today’s Muslim scholars and leaders, women are not fit to rule or hold any office of significance because God has indicated that they are deficient when compared to men. The Muslim scholars will tell you that in the Quran God has made the testimony of ONE man equal to that of TWO women because women are forgetful and emotionally driven.

Any sane and rational person who has worked or studied with women will know that they can be just as smart, if not smarter, than most of their male counterparts. At the same time, I have yet to find this fictional woman who forgets or whose memory is weaker than a man’s (we all wish this was the case sometimes). Let us examine the verse where all these unequal and sexist conclusions have been drawn:


Menstruation and Religious Duties

According to Muslim scholars, a woman is not allowed to perform her religious duties if she is menstruating. A woman has been disallowed from performing her Salat (prayers performed to get closer to God) if she happens to be menstruating. Worse still, woman are also told that they are not allowed to fast either if they are menstruating. The logic behind the prohibition is that women are in a state of impurity and are unclean when menstruating.

The question is, when God is all knowing and He is fully aware of how women are physiologically different from men, why would He forbid women from performing not only their Salat but also fasting as well.