Who Are The Jinn?

All cultures and peoples, without exception, have beliefs and experiences of the existence of extraterrestrial beings be they called "ghosts, spirits, aliens, demons, etc." In the Arabic culture, these extraterrestrial beings have been given the name "Jinn" and are believed to be invisible creatures that possess superhuman powers and even the ability to possess human beings.

While the above paragraph would be written off as "non-sense" or "tall tales" by most modern critics, we are confronted with a clear reason for examination since God's Scripture indeed confirms the existence of these extraterrestrial beings known as Jinn!

"I did not create the Jinn and the humans except to serve Me." (51:56)

This article will attempt to examine the concept of Jinn using the light of the Quran to understand what and who these creatures are.



Hell-fire is one of the key/basic concepts of The Gods doctrine. I can not find the adequate words to describe importance of correct understanding of this topic. Hell, and on the other side, Heaven are final and perpetual/eternal destination of every human being.

Believers will dwell/end in eternal bliss and happiness -jannah/Garden/paradise and kafirs/rejectors in eternal misery/hell. Hell is an awfuly bad, painful and miserable place/state of human being, and humans should avoid it by any means possible.


Who Authorized Bukhari?

Imam Bukhari (died in 256H/870A.D), was well known for his compilation of Hadith/Sayings attributed to the prophet (peace be upon him). Al-Bukahri is considered by the majority of Muslims to be the 2nd source for Islam after the holy Book and is used by the majority to 'explain' the revelations of the Quran by showing what the prophet and his companions used to do/say.

When GOD says in His book: 'Obey GOD and obey the Messenger', the Muslims take GOD to be represented by the Quran and the Messenger to be represented by Bukhari and the Hadiths.

The prophet (peace be upon him) delivered to us the holy Quran by receiving its inspiration for many years.


19: Fact or Fiction?

Disclaimer. The reader is strongly advised to independently verify all information given as per 17:36.

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I have recently written an article which referred to the Quran’s mathematical miracle relating to the number 19. Needless to say, the article has caused many questions to be raised, especially regarding the factuality or fictionality of the Quran’s relationship to the number 19.

I will attempt to share with the reader my own research and findings regarding this question and hopefully provide a satisfactory answer.

This paper will deal with the question of whether a pattern relating to the number 19 is a reality in the Quran or whether it is a fabrication and manipulation of numbers and data.


Companions of Heaven

Based on “hadiths” (claimed sayings of prophet Muhammad), some traditional Muslims believe that Muslim men will be rewarded with 70 “houris”/companions/fair maidens specially created for them and two believing women from this life. Some of the descriptions found in these “hadiths”, previous and current interpretations and translations of the Quran are very demeaning and offensive to all women and any decent man who believes in God and the authenticity of the Quran.

This corrupted belief had –and still has- lamentable implications in the way women are treated up to today in the “Muslim” world.



Many people from different religions, including Sunnism, believe in magic. Some even go as far as saying that there is good magic and bad magic and they believe that the "good" magic will benefit them. The following is an example of a Bukhari Hadith where Sunnis get such views:

The Book of Bukhari, Volume 7: #671: Narrated Saad:
"Whoever takes seven 'Ajwa dates in the morning will not be effected by magic or poison on that day."


The Physics of the Day of Judgement

  • Chapter: 50, Verse: 47 When we are dead and have become dust and bones Shall then we indeed be raised again?
  • Chapter: 75, Verses: 3 & 4 Man thinks that, We shall not assemble his bones Yes Truly! We are able to restore his very fingers!
  • Chapter: 22, Verse: 7 The Hour will come there is no doubt And God will raise those who are in the graves.


The belief in life after death is universal; it is reflected in the teachings of all the major religions of the world, permeating culture and time. Despite tremendous scientific and technological advancement of the twentieth century, we have no answers to many questions that have plagued the minds of people from time immemorial. What happens to us on dying? What is soul? Does it leave the body to enter the spiritual world, which is beyond human perception in some other dimension? Are the souls reincarnated entering some other body to be recycled again as in the beliefs of some eastern religions? Is the soul captured and kept somewhere until the Day of Judgment to be reunited with the body that rises from the grave? How can a body that had decayed and disappeared into dust, regain its original shape and form? We can believe what we wish, however the modern world is based on truthful pursuit of science and technology. Truth cannot be decided on wishful thinking or majority vote, if that was the case then Columbus would have surely fallen of the earth in 1492.”


The Hidden Side & The Straight Path

I seek refuge with The God from Satan the outcast. Guide us the straight path. [1:6]

Previous research in the Quran about the Trust/"Amana" in verse 33:72 indicated that humankind only knows an apparent/detectable side of the low life and there is a hidden side that we are unaware of (see THE TRUST). Also, the hidden side has information about the ending:

They know what is apparent/perceptible/detectable from the low life, and they, about the ending, are unaware/oblivious [30:7]

One must have faith in that hidden ending, in order to follow the straight path:

And surely you are calling/inviting them to the straight path; and surely those who do not have faith in the ending are deviating from the path. [23:73-74]

So what more from the Quran can we find out about that hidden ending and the straight path?


Al-Falaq & Al-Nass: The Final Pair

That the Qur'an is a monumentally well-integrated Book must be borne in mind when attempting tafseer (explanation), and this becomes amazingly evident in examination of the last two Suras of the Qur'an, Al-Falaq and Al-Nass. The Qur'an's dynamic symmetry bears the stamp of the Creator: the never-ending dynamics of symmetry which is both clarifying and stupefying. Analysis of Qur'anic structural patterns is also probably one of the most revealing techniques one can use in gaining a more profound understanding of the Qur'an. So the first structural pattern evident in Surat Al-Fatiha, the dynamic symmetry/interaction of the complementary/opposite names Al-Rahman, Al-Raheem in the initial invocation, as well as the fact that those were pairs, is matched again in these two final Suras, clearly forming a "pair", and exhibiting the same kind of dynamics between the same complementary/ opposite pairs.


What's in the Name?

2:31. And He taught Adam the names of all things, then He displayed them to those given control and said: "Inform Me the names of these things if you were truthful."

There are two types of names, common names and proper names. An example of a common name is "human" which is the common name of the leading race inhabiting this planet. Examples of proper names are first and last names that people go by such as John Smith.

Common names attempt to describe the nature of things. In Arabic, the common name is usually based on a predominant property that the object being described possesses. Hence, the common name "ta'ir" (a flying creature) comes from the root "TYR" (to fly).

Proper names, on the other hand, are given based on other factors and they do not necessarily reflect the nature of what is being named. Hence, no matter what some people think of him, George "Bush" is not a garden plant.