Paradise Lost & The Hollow Earth

One of the most intriguing stories from the Old Testament and the Qur’an is the creation of Adam and his mate and placing them in the Garden of Paradise - where they are given to live in bliss and not face any hardship, until their episode with the forbidden tree and their expulsion.

The Book of Prayers

When reading the Glorious Qur’an, the reader will notice that the Book of God uses a narrative that focuses on several areas, including “prayers.” Whilst prayers may be simple words of supplication spoken by the individual and addressing the Lord of the Universe, there are specific words that God has given us in the Qur’an which make the prayers more effective and more attainable.

The Smokeless Fire: Can We Explain the World of Jinn in Multi-Dimensional Logic?

Spatial dimensions and unseen reality, important in both science and religion, are areas that have perennially fascinated human beings. The quest for truth, in these and other areas, is best realized when both empirical investigations and divine revelations are wisely utilized. The human race lives in and perceives a three-dimensional world, but the existence of at least one additional (unseen) dimension continues to intrigue humankind...

Fear - The Devil's Tool!

With the current Covid-19 outbreak and the forced lockdown of nearly 1/3 of the human population, one has to wonder where the Devil is in this scheme and how he and his minions are benefiting from the overwhelming chaos of events. The media frenzy that has bombarded all nations non-stop seems to be a coordinated effort to instill fear into the masses...

Gog & Magog

"And they ask you about the Two Horned One, say: 'I will recite to you a remembrance of him. We had facilitated for him in the land, and We had given him the means to all things. So he followed the means.'" (18:83-85) In chapter 18 of the Quran we come across the story of a mysterious powerful individual known as "Dhul Qarnain"...

Anubis and the Sleepers of the Cave

In Chapter 18 of the Qur'an we are given the story of the "Sleepers of the Cave" (from 18:9-26), which is a very old story recorded previously in Greek and Christian literature dating back to before the days of Christ. The events of the story are begun with a group of youths, accompanied by their dog...

Blind Dating Versus Perfect Timing

Every year, a common occurrence is a dispute between followers of various sects about when so-called Ramadan starts and ends. This year is no exception and some countries ended their so-called Ramadan one day before others. In the so-called Islamic calendar the start of Ramadan depends on the sighting of the new crescent moon. The sighting of the new crescent moon is not an easy task and only expert observers under optimal viewing conditions can see the new-moon crescent. What many people don't know is that the start of so-called Ramadan depends on a myriad of other factors other than the sighting of the new-moon crescent.

Common Misconceptions About Islam, Muslims and The Quran

Islam, Muslims and The Quran have become a subject of major concern to the world media, religious groups and people, especially after the events of September 11th 2001 in the USA. Many articles and books have been written about a religion followed by over one billion people worldwide, some of which saw in Islam a separate civilization that will inevitably clash with the current dominant western civilization, but some were more optimistic, showing interest in a constructive debate, seeking understanding.