In browsing through a number of Islamicly affiliated sites, I came across one that has a “Combat Kit To Use Against the ‘Quran Only’ Muslims” as its title.

The views such paper represents is not uncommon amongst the Hadith followers who can never be satisfied with the concept of worshiping God Alone and will go to great length to place their invented idols alongside God (denying His very words). This paper is a response to such arguments:

1. Quran Only Muslims?

The use of such name, or the name “Quraniyoon” or any other derivative of a name other than “Muslim” is a malicious label the followers of God and His messenger with a name other than what they have given themselves and other than what God has authorized. The name of the believers in God is and has always been “Muslims” since the days of our father Abraham. Those who follow other than the path of the messenger will never be able to hold that name and must, by design, name themselves with the name of their sects “Sunni, Shia, etc.”

“And strive in the cause of God its truly deserved striving. He is the One who has chosen you, and He has made no hardship for you in the system, the creed of your father Abraham; He is the One who named you ‘those who have submitted’ (Muslimeen) from before and in this. So let the messenger be witness over you and you be witness over the people. So hold the contact prayer and contribute towards purification and hold tight to God, He is your patron. What an excellent Patron, and what an excellent Supporter.” (Qur’an 22:78)

2. How do you know how to pray using the Quran alone?

The answer to this oft repeated question is two-fold:

a) The 5 daily Salat that the sects are searching for with their rakkas and steps were never authorized by God and have been taken from their self-invented books of Hadith. Therefore, to search the Qur’an for these details is like searching the Injeel that Jesus delivered for the teachings of the trinity.

b) The Qur’an has immense details on the Salat that God has taught His prophets throughout the ages, from its timing (see 11:114, 17:78, 2:238, 24:58), to its preparation (see 5:6), to its style (see 2:239), to its tone (see 17:110), to its length of units/rakkas (see 4:102), to its ending (see 17:111).

3. How do you know how much Zakaah to pay using the Quran alone?

Giving charity is defined in the Qur’an as “the excess” (see 2:219). The 2.5% is a fabrication of the sects from the books of Hadith which are designed to rival God’s teachings. Having said that, it must be pointed out that there is a “tax” defined in the Qur’an being “one fifth” (see 8:41) which is to be distributed to a set list.

4. Hadn't the Quran been reached to us from the same sources we received our authentic hadith?

No it hasn’t. The original Qur’an was written by the prophet (see 25:5) and arranged into its current arrangement before his death (see 16:101-102). Therefore, what was passed on was simply a copy of the original without any amendment, opinion, or interference.

5. Why would Allah preserve the Quran and not preserve the meaning?

The meaning is preserved for those who are sincere (see 56:79), while for the rejecters it can never be clear (see 41:44).

6. How much is the Jizyah that the People of the Book have to pay?

The taxation of a people because of their faith can only be found in the books of Hadith (the same books which condone stoning people to death, owning slaves, killing people for apostasy, etc.). The Qur’an imposes no tax on any people because of their race/creed/faith. The “Jizya” that the Qur’an speaks about in 9:29 is “reparation” that the people of the Book had to pay for their hostile actions against the system of God.

7. Does the Quran say that cross dressing is haram?

Male and female dress is a function of culture. The Gulf Arabs wear what would be considered “dresses” in the West, as do the Scottish with their “kilts”. The Qur’an gives guidelines for what is the minimum dress code required of men and women (see 24:30-31).

8. The Quran says that men could beat up their wives. But we know according to hadith that this is a spiritual beating and not a harmful physical. What is to stop a man from misinterpreting the Quran and beating the hell out of his wife?

The Qur’an says that, in a man fearing his wife deserting him “nushooz”, one of the options to be observed is “idriboohun”. The Hadith followers take this word to mean “beat/strike” due to their hostility towards women and how they think they should be treated. Whilst, in the Qur’an, the word “Idrib” is also given the meaning of “put forth/go forth” (see 14:24, 2:273, 4:94). In selecting the most appropriate meaning to fit the context (as commanded in 39:18), the best meaning word is to “separate from them” (i.e. the first option in dealing with a woman who wants to desert her husband is to talk to her, the second is to sleep separately, the third is to separate). The Hadith followers would prefer beating her into submission, but somehow that does not seem to address the topic being addressed in the verse.

9. Is it permissible for a man to look at a naked man?

A man’s private areas must be covered at all times in the presence of other people except their spouses (24:30, 23:5-6).

10. Can I pray Salaah naked?

If there are no people present in-front of whom ones private parts must be covered, then, yes.

11. How do we know the order of the alcohol revelations? Maybe the first of the Quranic revelations said it was haram and then the later ones came saying that is was okay except during prayer times. How do you know the order of its revelations by using the Quran alone?

Alcohol has never been made forbidden in any Quranic verse, which makes it permissible. However, there are guidelines as to its use and a warning as to its negative effects (see 4:43, 5:90, 2:219).

12. It says in the Quran to shorten the prayer when you travel. How long do you have to travel? How short to cut the prayer?

The Qur’an allows the shortening of Salat in case of an enemy being present (see 4:101). The normal unit for Salat is 2 rakas “prostrations”, shortening the Salat becomes 1 raka “prostration” (see 4:102).

13. In Surah 66:3, the Prophet told his wives that he knew because Allah had informed him about it. Show me a Quranic verse where Allah had informed the Prophet about it. You cannot. Does this not prove that there are revelations to Prophet Muhammad besides the Quran?

There are many communications between God and His messengers that are designed to be private (such as the inspirations given to Jacob, or the dream given to Abraham, or the inspiration given Joseph, etc.) and even some communication between God and some regular humans (such as the mother of Moses being inspired to place him in the river). This does not mean that such communication is meant for the public, nor does it mean that such communication is law. The only communication that we regard as law is the Qur’an which has been defined by God as such (see 5:48).

14. Surah 2:173 shows that Allah (swt) gave an order for the Muslims to change their Qibla from (Bayt Al Maqdis in Jerusalem) to the Kabah in Mecca. However, there is no Quranic verse that shows the first order that Allah gave to make the Qibla towards Jerusalem. Does this not prove that there are revelations to Prophet Muhammad besides the Quran?

The original Qibla given to the prophet was to set himself wherever he chose (see 2:115) for God encompasses the east and the west. Later on, the Qibla was reversed as a test for the believers (see 2:142), and then was firmly established as being set towards the Restricted Temple (see 2:144).

15. The Quran is passed on to us by Mutawattir narrations. Mutawattir narrations are narrations by so many people that it is just impossible for all of them to get together and plot and lie. However, we have so many Mutawattir hadith List of Mutawatir hadith that teach things that are not in the Quran. How can you reject their authenticity with no objective evidence?

The Qur’an has been passed via a physical book that was first penned and arranged by the prophet himself (see 25:5, 16:101-102); therefore, to give any credit to “others” so as to raise the level of their legitimacy is to undermine the work of God and His messenger. As for the notion that it is impossible for so many people to collaborate on a lie, we would cite the teachings of today’s Christianity with the trinity and son of God concept are the clearest proof that it is indeed probable and possible to lie about God and His messenger, and that billions of people unknowingly continue to carry and propagate the lie as if it were truth.

God tells us that the Qur’an is detailed (see 6:114), complete (see 6:115), and a clarification for all things (see 16:89). Yet, the Hadith followers dare to challenge such assertions made by the Almighty to defend the precious idols they have created!

Unfortunately, no matter how abhorring we find the very concept of Hadith, there is little that can be done to stop its spread or existence as it has been proclaimed by God that the human and Jinn devils will be permitted to propagate their lies and fabrications.

“And as such, We have permitted the enemies of every prophet — human and Jinn devils — to inspire each other with fancy words in order to deceive. Had your Lord willed, they would not have done it. You shall disregard them and their fabrications. That is so the hearts of those who do not believe in the Hereafter will listen to it, and they will accept it, and they will take of it what they will.” (Qur’an 6:112-113)

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