The Monotheist Group 2:85 But then, here you are slaying yourselves, and driving out a group of you from their homes; you act towards them with sin and animosity. And if they come to you as prisoners, you demand ransom for them, while it was forbidden for you to drive them out! Do you believe in part of the Book and disbelieve in part? The punishment for those among you who do so is humiliation in this worldly life, and on the Day of Resurrection they will be delivered to the most severe retribution. God is not unaware of what you do.
Original Text 2:85 ثم أنتم هؤلاء تقتلون أنفسكم وتخرجون فريقا منكم من ديرهم تظهرون عليهم بالإثم والعدون وإن يأتوكم أسرى تفدوهم وهو محرم عليكم إخراجهم أفتؤمنون ببعض الكتب وتكفرون ببعض فما جزاء من يفعل ذلك منكم إلا خزي في الحيوة الدنيا ويوم القيمة يردون إلى أشد العذاب وما الله بغفل عما تعملون
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