The Monotheist Group 2:283 And if you are traveling or do not find a scribe, then a pledge of collateral. So, if you have entrusted each other in this manner, then let the one who was entrusted deliver his trust, and let him be aware of God his Lord. And do not hold back the testimony. And whoever holds it back, then he has sinned in his heart, and God is aware of what you do.
Original Text 2:283 وإن كنتم على سفر ولم تجدوا كاتبا فرهن مقبوضة فإن أمن بعضكم بعضا فليؤد الذي اؤتمن أمنته وليتق الله ربه ولا تكتموا الشهدة ومن يكتمها فإنه ءاثم قلبه والله بما تعملون عليم
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