The Monotheist Group 2:259 Or the one who passed through a town which had become ruins. He said: "How can God possibly revive this after it had died?" So God put him to death for one hundred calendar years, then He resurrected him. He said: "How long have you stayed here?" He said: "I have stayed here a day or part of a day." He said: "No, you have stayed here for one hundred calendar years! Look at your food and drink, they have not changed, but look at your donkey! And We will make you a sign for the people; and look at the bones how We let them arise, then We cover them with flesh." So when it was clear to him what happened, he said: "I now know that God is capable of all things!"
Original Text 2:259 أو كالذي مر على قرية وهي خاوية على عروشها قال أنى يحي هذه الله بعد موتها فأماته الله مائة عام ثم بعثه قال كم لبثت قال لبثت يوما أو بعض يوم قال بل لبثت مائة عام فانظر إلى طعامك وشرابك لم يتسنه وانظر إلى حمارك ولنجعلك ءاية للناس وانظر إلى العظام كيف ننشزها ثم نكسوها لحما فلما تبين له قال أعلم أن الله على كل شيء قدير
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