The Monotheist Group 2:258 Have you not noted him who debated with Abram regarding his Lord, while God had given him a kingship? Abram said: "My Lord is the One who gives life and death," he said: "I bring life and death." Abram said: "God brings the sun from the east, so you bring it from the west." The one who rejected was baffled! And God does not guide the wicked people.
Original Text 2:258 ألم تر إلى الذي حاج إبرهم في ربه أن ءاتيه الله الملك إذ قال إبرهم ربي الذي يحي ويميت قال أنا أحي وأميت قال إبرهم فإن الله يأتي بالشمس من المشرق فأت بها من المغرب فبهت الذي كفر والله لا يهدي القوم الظلمين
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