The Monotheist Group 2:249 So when Saul set out with the soldiers, he said: "God will test you with a river, whoever drinks from it is not with me, and whoever does not taste from it except one scoop with his hand is with me." They all drank from it, except for a few of them. So when he and those who believed with him crossed it, they said: "We have no power today against Goliath and his soldiers!" But the ones who understood that they would meet God said: "How many a time has a small group beaten a large group with the permission of God, and God is with the patient ones!"
Original Text 2:249 فلما فصل طالوت بالجنود قال إن الله مبتليكم بنهر فمن شرب منه فليس مني ومن لم يطعمه فإنه مني إلا من اغترف غرفة بيده فشربوا منه إلا قليلا منهم فلما جاوزه هو والذين ءامنوا معه قالوا لا طاقة لنا اليوم بجالوت وجنوده قال الذين يظنون أنهم ملقوا الله كم من فئة قليلة غلبت فئة كثيرة بإذن الله والله مع الصبرين
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