The Monotheist Group 2:247 And their prophet said to them: "God has sent Saul to you as a king." They said: "How can he have the kingship when we are more deserving than him, and he has not been given an abundance of wealth?" He said: "God has chosen him over you and increased him in knowledge and physical stature." God grants His sovereignty to whom He chooses; and God is Encompassing, Knowledgeable.
Original Text 2:247 وقال لهم نبيهم إن الله قد بعث لكم طالوت ملكا قالوا أنى يكون له الملك علينا ونحن أحق بالملك منه ولم يؤت سعة من المال قال إن الله اصطفيه عليكم وزاده بسطة في العلم والجسم والله يؤتي ملكه من يشاء والله وسع عليم
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