The Monotheist Group 2:217 They ask you about the Restricted Month: "Is there fighting in it?" Say: "Much fighting is in it, and to repel from the path of God and to disbelieve in it, and the Restricted Temple, to drive its inhabitants out from it is far greater with God, and persecution is worse than being killed." And they still will fight you until they turn you back from your system if they are able. And whoever of you turns back from his system, and he dies while disbelieving, then these have nullified their works in this world and the next; these are the people of the Fire, in it they will abide!
Original Text 2:217 يسءلونك عن الشهر الحرام قتال فيه قل قتال فيه كبير وصد عن سبيل الله وكفر به والمسجد الحرام وإخراج أهله منه أكبر عند الله والفتنة أكبر من القتل ولا يزالون يقتلونكم حتى يردوكم عن دينكم إن استطعوا ومن يرتدد منكم عن دينه فيمت وهو كافر فأولئك حبطت أعملهم في الدنيا والءاخرة وأولئك أصحب النار هم فيها خلدون
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