The Monotheist Group 2:197 The Pilgrimage is in the appointed months; so whoever decides to perform the Pilgrimage in them, then there shall be no sexual approach, nor wickedness, nor baseless argument in the Pilgrimage. And any good that you do, God is aware of it; and bring provisions for yourselves, though the best provision is righteousness; and be aware of Me O you who possess intelligence.
Original Text 2:197 الحج أشهر معلومت فمن فرض فيهن الحج فلا رفث ولا فسوق ولا جدال في الحج وما تفعلوا من خير يعلمه الله وتزودوا فإن خير الزاد التقوى واتقون يأولي الألبب
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