The Monotheist Group 2:126 And it was so, that Abram said: "My Lord, make this a land of peace, and provide for its inhabitants of the fruits for whoever believes in God and the Last Day." He said: "As for he who rejects, I will let him enjoy for a while, then I will force him to the retribution of the Fire. What a miserable destiny!"
Original Text 2:126 وإذ قال إبرهم رب اجعل هذا بلدا ءامنا وارزق أهله من الثمرت من ءامن منهم بالله واليوم الاءخر قال ومن كفر فأمتعه قليلا ثم أضطره إلى عذاب النار وبئس المصير
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