Author Topic: The Dawn Of Left-Wing Extremism, Totalitarianism & Socialism. Death Of Freedom  (Read 132 times)


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Dear Brothers And Sisters,

It's been a long time since I've posted on this forum. I've never really liked posting because I believe this platform to be sometimes very toxic. However due to the recent events of covid and the rise in blatant and open fascism in all major governments I've decided to post again.

These are the most dangerous of times. Western Civilisation which has been a beacon of freedom for the world, where ALL religions and ideas have the opportunity to grow and prosper, including Islam is now under threat. Currently the West is facing a spiritual and physical war of good and evil. Where those on the Left are attacking anyone ANYONE that has a different idea, ideology, practise or belief from theirs. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the current situation the west(and other parts of the world) is facing, imagine if you will living in a country where you can't have an opinion without being targeted and ridiculed. The left is pushing dangerous ideas in schools such as LGBTQ and CRT (Critical Race Theory) in America. In America, Introducing young kids to sex through school books, controlling speech through "gender neutral" terms and destroying everything good under the sun replacing it with garbage. And lastly, In some parts of the caribbean (where I reside) governments are using covid as a guise for ceasing more power over private businesses and it's citizens.

Not to mention, the young in the west are being brainwashed to be foot soldiers for the State. Socialism is on the rise in most  western countries. And for those you who don't know what Socialism is it means that the state controls the redistribution of wealth. Higher taxes, more regulations, less freedom, less jobs and less opportunities for businesses to grow which ultimately leads to higher prices and inflation.

Socialism means the end of private ownership and the rise of totalitarianism which has ALWAYS been the end result of taking power and wealth from the people and giving it to those in government (as if these corrupt men in charge are angelic beings who don't have agenda's) Basically Socialism is theft. Taking wealth from others and giving it to others through the power of the state. This is contrary to, what the Quran teaches. Just because I have 2 houses does not mean you have right to take what I have built for myself. I challenge anyone on this forum to prove to me that socialism is not the ideology of the devil. 

My muslim brothers and sisters, if you think this does not affect you now, I ask you, what do you think would be end of result of us when we are attacked for our beliefs, for our right to parent our children as we see fit and our rights to have an opinion? What happens to us when we can be charged or thrown into prison for using the wrong pronoun? What happens to us when we voice our opinion on the filth that is LGBTQ? What happens to us when we want to teach our children right from wrong but the State takes away our ability to instruct our children. What happens to our children when countries legalize pedophilia which is in the stages of happening in the America as we speak as they try to push sex on children as young as 5 years old! What happens to us when we decide to stand up and say no to a vaccine that has been shown to give serious side effects and kill?

Now more than ever Islam must be the light to the world to guide humanity out of the pit of global fascism and destruction of freedom and our rights to live our own lives. These left-wing garbaged brain godless people will destroy all of humanity and everything that is good in this world. Our freedoms are being taken away from us daily. If the west falls the world will fall with it. Mark my words.

I will like to know what are the opinions of the members of this forum with regards to this topic.




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Communism is one of the foundations of pagan spiritualism.

Evolution, communism, pantheism, polytheism, holy people, adopting a poor life, being hostile to sexuality, believing in spirits, suffering, being hostile to luxury, belief in reincarnation... All these are the foundations of the doctrine that the demon tried to instill in humanity throughout history.

As the devil degenerated religion, he tried to impose them on people.

By the way, Sufism and Kabbalah are the trojans of this spiritualism/paganism.

And the fake Bible on the market is also a book of hadith, and it contains many elements of pagan spiritism. For example, communism has been injected into the Bible. It is thought that the Essenes did this.

Let me give you the machine translation of my Turkish article on the subject: