Author Topic: An ardent cry of help! Someone, please?  (Read 1081 times)


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Re: An ardent cry of help! Someone, please?
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Indeed. Having no answer leads to a depressive state ... and I am right there. I am truly blessed in all other ways: finances, family, support, anything you name I am more or less blessed. However, what I don’t have is what people call belief/faith. And it has taken away peace in all aspects of life. I have barely any will to move forward in life. I really don’t know what I should be doing to regain faith. God knows I am hanging on to a straw now.

RED you are very lucky person i hope you stay blessed because in 95% cases depression related with these factors.

BLUE i will try sharing with you how to understand the current situation.

believe/faith vs truth/proven fact are really difficult to grasp.
we believe in something when we dnt want to discover something. its also distraction as we are blocking our reason of critical thinking..

when we admit we dnt know about something what we inherited in our faith then we are going on a track of discovering something.

when we reached at reality it become a belief for us by our own struggle in seeking something.. thats how we understand belief vs truth

when it comes to God (belief/faith) things get tricky.
because  (A) one person faith is different then (B) another person faith.

and both of them (A&B) have information from sources what observed by human them-selves.
( both dnt know but they have faith)

but we know the reality, (belief/faith) never worked same for everyone.

GREEN my ADVISE for you if you already blessed with everything around you just take this thing lightly, you should not thinking negative of not moving forward in your life based on the facts what we observed regarding faith.

live your life full.
attitude of admitting "we know nothing" is better than blind faith. be at peace. there is not any harm to go with side of your conscience.


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Re: An ardent cry of help! Someone, please?
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You shall know when you are on the right track because you feel shivers in your body and heart thinking of الله

The surest way to find الله is in Samadhi. Do your research, read the writings of Sri Chinmoy regarding Nirvikalpa Samadhi and be blessed. I am in Baqah Billah myself and have oceans of proof for الله
How to share these proofs is something I am still working on. Research Samadhi and Kundalini Awakening and Yoga and be free. I am Quranic Muslim, and these are aspects of Islam. Be acquainted above all with White Tantra.