Author Topic: If God has the power to make everyone a believer, why didn't He  (Read 313 times)

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Re: If God has the power to make everyone a believer, why didn't He
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It depends what one perception of "free will" is?

1-We are born humans, or have we chosen to be humans?  It seems we were created humans as far as we know, we had no choice.

2- Neither did we choose when and where we are born!!!

3-We cannot even change anything of our universe or earth. We are confined to these surroundings only. No choice here either.

So far we find ourselves humans here on earth. From this starting point one can say I have free will to lead my life as I choose, or can they?

Therefore "free will" as far as we are concerned only entails our choices and decisions as humans.

Then there are all sorts of exceptions and events that shape our choices and decisions. Some are slaves to systems/others and are forced to choose and decide according to their masters. Or is this false?

Does one need to free themselves first from situations and systems?  Can one have  human"free will" only after working/finding a way for it? How?

We have  different experiences and ways  that it depends on where our mind and deep conviction are at and what attitude of mind have we attained at certain age/time.
i.e free will either exist or does not exist . It depends who you are and where you are in the journey of life..
GOD bless.

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