Author Topic: May be WE are the Jinns/Djinns  (Read 1806 times)


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Re: May be WE are the Jinns/Djinns
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Then members of the black race had already sought to touch heaven before Muhammad's time and found it filled with flames (72:8) So beat the white Russians and Americans to space by several thousand years?
Salam Amra94!
I do not believe in RACE system because all MAN and JINNs would be equally responsible for their own deeds/actions.
Secondly, if they said they touched heaven, it might not be a true saying. Because:
1) When Iblees said that he was better than Adam, was he telling a Truth? He was a رجیم which also means someone who speaks without sound knowledge/intellect etc.
2) When Pharaoh asked Haman to built him some high structure so that he could see Musa's God, was he telling the Truth?
3) When Solomon died and JINNs came to know that they have no knowledge of the Ghaib/unseen so Allah proved them wrong in their sayings.
And their a few more examples, which I can put here. Anyway, one cannot be sure that whether the JINNs touched the heaven or not. I think JINNs told lies to MEN in order to overcome them or make them astray from right path.



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Re: May be WE are the Jinns/Djinns
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72:6 "There were men among Eurasian/Caucasoid peoples who used to seek help from the men among the African/Negroid* peoples, but they only helped increase them in confusion."

*Trigger warning: this is a scientific term, not a racial slur

Are there men among "invisible beings" or "plasma beings" like there are men among al insi? Clearly, al insi can see and interact with al jinni.
10:41 If they deny you, say: "My works are for me, and your works are for you. You are innocent of what I do, and I am innocent of what you do."


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Re: May be WE are the Jinns/Djinns
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The link to this post reviews Ayas related to 'Who are Jinns' in Quran.


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Re: May be WE are the Jinns/Djinns
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The link to this post reviews Ayas related to 'Who are Jinns' in Quran.

Thanks for posting this compendium of jinns mentionned int he Qur'an. The data supporting an existence akin to humans is overwhelming indeed.

A commendable and useful study.

I think however that this study, unfortunately has inherited from a convention that I do not think is qur'anic at all and it is the attribution of viceregency to humans.

I think that was a self-serving arrangement of vocabulary to flatter humans and with the aid of that flattering introduce a concept of somebody as in place of God, viceregent. Whereas when the prophet died, what was chosen was not a viceregent but a successor to the Prophet in his capacity as rular not as prophet. A jalifa is a successor. There is nothing int he useage and meaning of the root and its vocabulary to make a successor a vice-regent

Therefore, going back to the jinn question, the human kind were not eceregents but successors to previous bashar, humanities of other species or subspecies. In fact i has been found that the present humanity or part of it is by different strains of "humans", namely we have a percentage of neanderthal.

That makes all that is gained in the article regarding the relatedness of jinns and human very clearly point to previous humans subspecies. We are homo sapiens, those were others. In that sense the word the root j-n-n seems to point to beings that are in different habitats or that keep to different environments as men, that is who are not ordinarily perceived, not because of being invisible or fiery, but because they keep to their own "world" and we to ours, but it does not mean that that condition was meant to be forever.

In fact this is a very interesting question. Many humanities may have dissappeared but it is also quite possible that by mixing all of them are still present in today's humanity. so that the world of the "jinn" of a certain time are no longer the jinn. Finally the word does not point to the nature of the thing but to a trait, that of being hidden or non perceived. The powerful may be so today.