Author Topic: TERRORISM and the ILLUMINATI: A III Thousand Year History (by David Livingstone)  (Read 1918 times)


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وادا فىل لهمـ اتبعوا ما انزل اللـه
فالوا بل نتبع ما الڡىنا علىه ابانــا
اولو كاں اباوهمـ لا ىعفلوں شىا ولا ىهتدوں
ومتل الدىں كڡروا كمتل الدى ىنعف بما لا ىسمع الا دعا وندا صمـ بكمـ عمى ڡهمـ لا ىعفلوں


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This has been on my backlog for a while, I'm finally getting to it and...should I be concerned about how a significant number of the sources used in this book are wikipedia articles?   ???


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I think most Illuminati conspiracies are as fake as the claim that all Muslims are somehow all terrorists. I can find no evidence to support either or to which isn't shrouded in appeals to ignorance.  :/