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Open Quran Project - Please Get Involved.

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Abd r Raheem al Haq:
I've got a project started on Google Code, but I'm just starting to fill it out. Until Layth gets back to us on the legalities, it's all I can get done. I'll do a little browser and some other bits too, but I need the translation itself to start doing anything substantial and getting people involved.

Layth...?  :)

holy man:
Inshallah all gets done soon

Salam Abdulraheem,

Not sure what you need me to do, but if you are looking for permission to use the electronic version of "The Quran - A Monotheist Translation" which is available on this site, then you have my full blessing.

Abd r Raheem al Haq:
Asalam Alaykum Brother Layth and thank you so much for your kindness.
I'll start right away, Inshallah it'll be really productive. I'll bring the thread up to date soon, once I've got something to show. Thank you again brother. Nice one.


Peace Abd r Raheem al Haq, everyone,

I am so happy to hear the news! but late in finding this thread  :-[  Below are quotes from my past posts.

From Re: The Message by "The Monotheist Group" - not representative  Reply #13 on: Today at 12:07:00 AM

"If possible, Abd r Raheem al Haq, could you make a new thread?  I think what you are suggesting is neccessary and I hope inevitable. Maybe a new thread would clarify if and how the Monotheist Group's translation would fit into your broad plan . When I find a site/project such as you recommend I consider it alive and active, valuable to those who devote life-time, possibly containing advice relevant to life right now. (Like this forum! ^_^ )

and from

"Even the esteemed corpus needs to put one word in the slot for the basic root. I do not agree with some of the words they chose, but everytime I open the site, I think "all thanks and praise to Almighty God -this is amazing". I could not hope to progress without the PRL, and many other conscientious study sites.  That is what gives me enthusiasm for Abd r Raheem al Haq's ideas. I am happy to  find the not-so-new thread about that!

Sometimes I just want to read though, possibly meditate, and I trust the Monotheistic Group's translation to be consistent in important topics...some of the reasons why it is the most valuable translation to me.

Smiles from Debbie ^_^"


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