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Islamic Calendar & Ramadhan. / Re: Calendar Reform
« on: December 23, 2015, 12:08:24 AM »
The solar calendar make no sense , because if you lose track of it, you will have to wait until the next solstice to correct your error.

That is "...if you lose track of the solar year...

Unfortunately what is said here is not true.
God's truth is that the lunar calendar makes no sense,
because it has NO TRACK you can keep of.

Take the prophet's birthday.
It is said that he was born on 12 Rabī‘ al-Awwal 53 BH which was April 23, a spring day.
Peophet Muhammad was born in spring.

But this lunar year Rabī‘ al-Awwal is in winter.
Does that make sense?
Was he born in only spring or all four seasons?

Can a human being be born in all four seasons?
Were YOU born in all four seasons?

Islamic Calendar & Ramadhan. / Re: Calendar Reform
« on: December 20, 2015, 11:44:42 PM »
Shohoor (full moons) have been created by God whereas calendar months are man's business. Man may decide to divide the year into, say, 28 mansions, so it may have no months at all let alone 12. Pls refer to

Islamic Calendar & Ramadhan. / Re: Calendar Reform
« on: December 20, 2015, 09:36:54 PM »
Thank you for the relevant input @Taro-san.

Personally, I don't see the Qurān edifying a lunar calendar of 13 months a year, but a luni-solar calendar (17:12) of 12 months (9:36). I believe Layth concludes the same in the FM article you linked.

I have to disagree. 9:36 does not mention calendar months but shohoor in the sky.

Islamic Calendar & Ramadhan. / Re: Calendar Reform
« on: December 19, 2015, 10:59:34 AM »
The first full moon appearing right after the summer solstice is actually the scorching full moon.

Please note that each year it arrives 11 days earlier than the previous one,
but the chain is broken when an extra full moon appers in the iddat as-shohoor .   

03 July of 2012 is 11 days earlier than 15 July of 2011,
23 June of 2013................................... 03 July of 2012,
12 July of 2014 is 19 days later than 23 June. of 2013

The reason is that there is an extra full moon in the iddat between summer solstices of 2013 and 2014:

23 June 2013-22 July-21 Aug-19Sept-19 Oct-17 Nov-17 Dec-16 Jan 2014-15 Feb-16 March-15 Apr-14 May-13 June
12 July 2014-...

This makes the full moons appear in their own times fixed in the solar year. For example the scorching full moon always appears at the start of summer; it never takes place in any other season as it does in the so-called lunar year, whcih proves that the lunar calendar is against God's order. Actually there is no year such as the lunar year; you cannot make any year out of the moons in the sky.   

Islamic Calendar & Ramadhan. / Re: Calendar Reform
« on: December 19, 2015, 09:56:42 AM »
I'm not sure if the Quran supports a luni-solar calendar. In verse 10:5, the Quran suggests that there is a lunar calendar. Because the Quran suggests that the creator has made the moon a light, and measured its phases so that we would know the number of the years and the calculation. If the Quran supported the notion a luni-solar calendar, then verse 10:5 would suggest that the creator is the one who has made the sun an illuminator, and the moon a light, and measured their phases so that we would know the number of the years and the calculation. But verse 10:5 only refers to the moon regarding the number of the years and the calculation. Verse 10:5 doesn't refer to both the sun and the moon regarding the number of the years and the calculation. Therefore, it seems that the Quran supports a Lunar calendar, not a luni-solar calendar.

I understand from the related ayas that the Quran supports the calendar which is based on the solar year. 10:05 you mention is proof enough, which says the phases of the moon help us know the number of years. 

Full moon is one of the phases of the moon.  If we count the first full moons appearing right after the summer solstice, we get the number of the solar years.

Supposing somethig important happened some years ago in your life, but you don't remember what year it exactly was. However, you have noted the 5 first full moons right after the summer solstice until now. God's order is that the number of the first full moons is the same as the number of the solar years that have passed since the event.

02 July. 2015
12 July. 2014
23 June 2013
03 July. 2012
15 July. 2011

It happened in 2011.

Islamic Calendar & Ramadhan. / Re: Hot/"ramadan" Answer
« on: May 30, 2015, 06:39:32 PM »
Muslims who take islamic lunar year serious
loook up the sky to see the so-called ramadan crescent.

However, date of the ramadan crescent
in the sky is not the same as in the islamic lunar year.

Date of ramadan crescent
2015: 17 June (
..630:  17 June (

Convert 17 June 630 to islamic lunar year.
Result is 29 Safar 9 AH.
Not 1 Ramadan 9 AH.

Which date is the valid one?

Questions/Comments on the Quran / Re: Question about sura AlRahmaan
« on: February 08, 2013, 05:22:17 PM »
فِيهِمَا means in TWO things which are actually the TWO gardens mentioned in 62;
فِيهِنَّ means in MULTIPLE things which are actually the trees of fruit mentioned in 68.

Please refer to brother yaseen's Companions of Heaven,

Hasan Akcay

Prophets and Messengers / Re: Wives of the prophets.
« on: May 14, 2012, 08:32:29 PM »
If your being just
in 4:3
means your giving the orphans their possessions,

your marrying them two, three, and four means
your marrying them to other men
like the priest did in the following nursery rhyme:

This is the priest all shaven and shorn
That married the man all tattered and torn
That kissed the maiden all forlorn...

This is the way that you escape the fear
that you commit by devouring the possessions by mistake
since no more you keep them to devour. 

Hasan Akcay

Prophets and Messengers / Re: Wives of the prophets.
« on: May 13, 2012, 08:50:04 PM »
4:3 And if you fear that you cannot be just to the orphans, then you may marry those who are agreeable to you of the women: two, and three, and four. But if you fear you will not be fair, then only one, or whom you maintain by your oaths. This is best that you do not face financial hardship.

In  this translation of 4:3 what is meant by being just is important.

People who claim God allows polygamy take it to mean being impartial. So, they say, in 4:3 God is ordering polygamous men to treat their wives impartially, witout favouring any one of them.

Being just also means not usurping people's rights. In this case God is ordering believing men who have orphans under their protection to avoid usurping their possessions (اموال). The verse, they say, has got nothing to do with polygamy; it is about the possessions and  rights of the orphans mentioned in the first 10 verses of Cahpter 4.

The question is which meaning is correct.

Hasan Akcay

Islamic Calendar & Ramadhan. / the day Macca was conquered
« on: February 29, 2012, 02:38:12 AM »
On the following table ) stands for the first waxing crescent of the lunar month and O is the full moon it waxes up to.

In 630 AD the Rabi al-Awwal crescent appeared in the evening of June 17, and it waxed up to the full moon in the evening of 30 June. It was actually the scorching full moon (شهر رمضان) because it followed the summer solstice. 

)1 RAw=18 Jun..….1.O 30 Jun 630 (
)1 RTh=18 Jul…...…2.O29 Jul
)1 JUl=16 Aug….....3.O28 Aug
)1 JAh=15 Sep…....4.O27 Sep

It is said that Macca was conquered in 630 AD. If that is true, the believers must have  entered the city in the morning of 18 June. It can easily be deduced from 9:2 and 9:5.

The day the believers entered the town, they warned the Maccan pagans that they had to either face death or surrender (9:2) in 4 full moons time, which were actually the forbidden full moons of the year because the given time was supposed to expire as soon as the forbidden months ended (9:5) .

The day of the conquest had to be the very beginning of the forbbiden months; otherwise the duration of the truce would be violated.   

Is this calculation correct?

Hasan Akcay

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