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I guess this is about the ban of Lastday3.
I also have no idea why he got banned, I never read anything provocative in his posts and I do not see his links to his website as spam, we all post links to external sites.
In the past I have been occasionally very rude to him for no other reason then my emotions (I am really sorry for that Lastday3  :-[ ), but he always replied in a much better manner to me.
I hope this was just a mistake.

i jst gave a pattern thats how you guys need to calculate,,, you can also think in your mind whatever family then tell me the total number i will try to tell you what exactly you thought.. lets give a try ...  ;)

In your 47 example: 0 girls and 32 boys, 1 girl and 22 boys, 2 girls and 12 boys and 3 girls and 2 boys are all correct, so how can you know what I had in mind?

this time more intresting ,, real illusion one... specially dedicated to my brother GL

in this question u have nothing to do its me who will tell you what you think...

criteria , you will think about a family kids ,, of your own or any thing you can suppose .. and then do math like this how i told you and in the end you will have to tell me the number i will tell you what you think... its work like that...

let say you think 2 brother 1 sister, two sister two brother, three sisters 3 brothers anything... what you need to do just with the number oof girls you hve to do a math like this ..

+2 then *2 then -1 then multiply 5 now after doing this math add the number of boys whatever no you think in total and after that that tell me the number what you get .. i will tell you what how many boys and girls
you think ...

i m giving a brief example like let say i think 2 boys 3 girls.. now thats how math work

3 +2= 5
5*2 =10
10-1= 9
9*5= 45
add number of boys 2 = 47  this number you need to tell me and i will tell you what you think...


I don't think you can know this.
In your example (the 47 example) there are 8 correct solutions.

edit: oh you have to start with the girls, then 4 solutions.

0.10  this is a tricky question i know.. lol  becoz now bat is costing 1.10 , adding ball .10 = 1.20 equation is wrong so we will go with another option of .05 +1 = 1.05 then price of ball .05  ading 1.10 in total... so ball cost is 0.05 i think

my five cents

Hi Imran,

Yes your answer is right 0.05 cents, but it was not meant that you were going to calculate it, but just give the answer that comes first to mind.
According to a newspaper more than 50% of the Harvard, MIT, and Princeton got this wrong.
I am only not sure if they had to answer right away or if they were given a little bit of time to think.
If it's the latter then it's really shocking.

Here a famous "puzzle", the idea is that you answer right away without thinking and without paper and pencil.

A bat and a ball cost $1.10 in total.
The bat costs $1 more than the ball.
How much does the ball cost?

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« on: Yesterday at 06:13:16 AM »

nice music thats whats i was on about bender

Heard it indeed before, I thought it was Richard Clayderman, same style.

Off-Topic / Re: The Music Thread
« on: Yesterday at 03:38:34 AM »
Salaam Lastday3,

ah ok, desert is cool but a little bit to hot and empty for me.
I like your choice of music, reminds me of Prince of Persia.

Not really the same but I like this a lot  Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata, especially after 8:05, amazing that there are people who can play this.
On my old keyboard, I found it already hard to play first few notes of  Fur Elise

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« on: July 24, 2016, 01:40:18 PM »
Hi LastDay3,

Do you live there?

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« on: July 23, 2016, 11:52:50 AM »
Somehow I missed this topic.

For horror/fantasy lovers, Books of Blood by Clive Barker is a must read.
It's a collection of merciless brutal short stories carved by ghosts on the body of a medium who was doing research in a haunted house  :&

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« on: July 23, 2016, 05:35:32 AM »
Nothing, I think Neptin and me are a little bit blind.

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