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It was about this remark by Wakas

His opinion was erroneous. The text is NARRATIVE, it narrates past real life events. Without knowing grammar - morphology and syntax very little can be known what is stated in the text.

I know on what you were commenting but didn't understand what you were trying to say.
But now you have translated your sentence to my English, I am able to understand what you were trying to say, thx!

bender u are very naughty, i think he is not male, becoz its first time i m encountring mr or miss savage carrot , and i  just check his/her profile nothing gender mention there. see thats what happen when u try to uncover the skin of hair.lolx

Just be careful, it knows The Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique  :yes

So you think there is nothing wrong with humans killing and eating animals, and animals killing /eating other animals?
There is nothing wrong with the suffering of those millions of animals ??
Nopes there is nothing wrong with it. Except if it is done without justice.

Do you also think there is nothing wrong with people, through no fault of their own, getting horrible diseases, and even babies? Or babies born blind, mentally or physically disabled? Or babies who are slaughtered /maimed in wars? What have those babies done to deserve all this suffering?
If you were a fearing and indoctrinated moslim person as me then I would have shared my thoughts with you on this, but you are to smart to to fall in my traps.

That's why I said that God WANTS us to suffer, perhaps so that we may learn from it and "evolve" for the better.
And that's why I said that what you see now is no more then the sum of what mankind self have brought over themselves.

For whatever reason, God created 'suffering' and it's part of life. Maybe without suffering we wouldn't know what happiness is.

This may not sound like a logical or satisfactory answer to everybody, but there is no better 'theory' that I know of.


RED: Indeed.


No, it would be better if we could somehow punish that 60% in an ideal world, but alas..

Are good/innocent Turkish people better than the good/innocent Saudi people?

"I certainly wouldn't mind, if Saudi Arabia turned into a complete Hell... "

Like all Muslims, you seem afraid to tick off the angry God, the moment you might think something about Him that might be 'incorrect' or 'offending'.

Your belief and perception of God seems to be entirely based on fear. This is the traditional Semitic perception of an angry dictator and despotic God...
Yes dr Recluse,
then I took one lamb. And I ran away, as fast as I could...
I don't know were I was going. I had no food or water.
It was very cold. I thought - if I can even save just one... but he got so heavy. So heavy...

[tears filling my eyes]

I still wake up in the dark, with the lambs screaming.

[fade out]

I will let you know when the lambs stop screaming.

This God is a narcissistic, fragile and sensitive God who is easily offended and goes completely mad in an instant....

My personal perception of God, based on reason, is that He is far beyond such human "feelings"; that He is far more "stable" than we give Him credit for :)
I thought there was only one God, but I could be wrong.

I agree, how is this different from what I said? :)
It's different because you did not say something like this at all, if you did then please quote it for me.


Please re-read it by focusing attention of the past verb and then subjunctive particle and subjunctive verb. And notice that the apodosis clause of time adverb is elided.

I have absolutely no idea what you wrote here, to advanced for me, but if he does that then what is he going to see?

More than 60% of the Turkish population fully support Erdogan's brutal and violent policies...
So? Is this  a reason to burn all tukish people?

But, why then do babies or disabled people have to suffer as well? I really don't know, we would have to ask God?

There are other things that God does that I don't understand.

It's always easy to point our accusing finger towards God.

I watch the news on my big screen with a lot of food, drinks, comfort, safety, etc.
Then I see Syrian refugees, poor African babies, oppressed people, etc etc etc
The I get mad at God and shout out: "why you do this, you are supposed to be merciful"
After the shouting I turn of my big tv screen, throw away half of my food, and go to my warm bed.

This earth is under our "protection", God is not going to change anything of His universal laws, WE have to change, starting with ourselves.
And if we do not do this then...

Why do we have to slaughter animals to feed ourselves? Why do animals have to slaughter each other too?
maybe because we are created as humans and animals and not as plants or trees???

This is the classic "problem of evil". I admit this is a problem, God seems to want his creatures to suffer for some unknown reason.


red: NO!
God wants only good for us, but we humans usually want more for ourselves and mostly at costs of others and this disturbs the balance and creates evil.
What we see now is no more then a logical sum of what mankind has produced since it's existence.


This is called believing in unseen .

Salaam Parvez,

Ok but what does that mean?

In the same vein ,whenever  Quran mention "salah" then it is traditional salah and it came to us with Quran .there is no second opinion here also
This does not leave much room for a conversation...

because ,if ALLAH subhanvatala had not accepted the traditional salah  then we would guided us through another prophet as he guided us with Quran.
I know that here on this forum a lot of people do a totally different salah then yours BUT they still believe in Mohammed and in The Quran.
How does that work for them?

Its a news to me ,Ben they pray a different salah.Do they have three sujoods or two rukus or they pray 5 rakas for fajr .If your are talking about the content in the salah then you may be correct but the skeleton is the same . even in sunni they are few differences and those difference are attributed to the schools of thought (fiqh) which is man made
Not exactly sure what you understand under skeleton but looks to me that praying 3 times or 5 times a day should be classified under skeleton.

There you are ,Ben
you were praying salah and then you changed.can you answer why did you change.did you read somewhere or you got a instinct and that instinct got incorporated with a like minded group
somewhere down the line something happened
can you enlighten me with that "something"
pl answer me this is a very important question
It was a combination of instinct and research.
The traditional prayer never really made an sense to me even when I was a sunni, but I still did it as it is the second most important thing to do according to wise ones.
At some moment in my life I really had enough of the hadiths and traditions and I wanted to explore the quran myself.
I spend a lot of time searching for this traditional prayer in the quran as I could not believe that something so fundamental was not in the quran.
So my starting point was that I was wrong and the wise ones were right.
The more I began to study the quran the less remained of the traditional prayer.
At some point there was not much left over from the traditional prayer but it was still in some sense a ritual, but I had peace with it.

So I kept doing this modified ritual for some time but I knew that this was still not it and there were still many questions that I had not yet solved for myself.
Then on a rainy Friday morning when I was meditating in a cave at mount Sina an angel with 600 wings appeared in the horizon.
He said: "Stop lying to yourself" in a gentle way and he disappeared. I did not understood what he meant with that. And for a couple of days I was confused.
Then I went back to the holy cave at mount Sina, hoping to meet the angel again. Well the angel came again but this time he was not so kind anymore.
I asked what he meant last time.
Apparently that was not the most wise thing to do as he grabbed me and punched me with a mighty punch to the right side of the universe then to the left and finally back to earth.
He said: "Do you understand now?"
I nodded, not because of fear of another punishment, but because I really understood.
He gave me then a  :handshake: and then disappeared in the horizons.
Since that day I do not preform any ritual anymore and also a lot of other things changed.

I am not here to pass on the verdict regarding apostate .For me ,any one who is a monotheist is Muslim immaterial  of the book he follows and that is the message of quran .
Then why this topic and why did you ask this: "Are the quranist challenging ALLAH subhanavatal about his guidance?"

can you highlight the difference ,Ben
I like to, but it's not only 1 difference, it will really take me a lot of time to comment/highlight  on everything I disagreed with.
And I think that our understanding on this subject differs so much that  a lot of times we will probably not understand each other.


Indeed, that is how God's universe seems to work; millions of men, women and children usually suffer collectively for the mistakes of those in power.

We can of course speculate about the possible reasons for this. My opinion is that most people who enable power-hungry oppressive dictators, kings, rulers and clerics are even more guilty than those oppressive lunatics themselves. Most people who are victims, would act in a similar way if they gained such power. People who genuinely want equality, justice and peace for all are a small minority.

That is why people must collectively suffer for blindly following, enabling or supporting all the wrongdoings, violence and corruption of their rulers, clerics, ulema and other "authorities". Also, people generally worship authority, especially in Muslim countries.

It may seem unfair to us, but human beings obviously NEED suffering and pain in order to evolve culturally, socially and in all other aspects... :)


So when Erdogan gets full power and terrorizes all Turkish people and Kurds, then we should burn whole  turkey. Including the children, women, disabled and good people.
Not sure if you have any children, wife, parents, brothers, sisters but they must also burn because you all need to suffer collectively for letting Erdogan becoming a dictator.
And ofcourse you too, you are also turkish so you must also burn.


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