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General Issues / Questions / Re: War And Islam
« on: August 24, 2016, 06:39:37 AM »
Salam Parvez,

I couldn't help notice you have some very strong sympathies towards the Jewish people to the point where you seem to paint them as "victims" in most of your posts.

The Jews have only been victim to their own schemes and plots - which end up causing them more harm than good.

They plotted against Moses when he was in Sinai...They plotted against their prophets...They murdered their prophets...They tried to murder the Messiah Jesus, son of Mary...etc.

In more recent history, the Jewish plan to invade/occupy Palestine has been schemed since 1897 when the "Zionist Organization" held its first congress. This scheming culminated between 1914-1917 in the infamous "Balfour Declaration" under which the British Government agreed to "look with favor" to the establishment of a Jewish home in Palestine.

I say this to point out that the "poor Jews" did not end-up in Palestine as an afterthought or as a coincidence, but rather, as a result of calculated and devious scheming and plotting (against many people/nations).

Finally, without getting into any more historical details, I will leave you with a reminder for now and the future of what will be there fate as a result of their own wrongdoings:

7:167 And your Lord has sworn that He will send upon them, until the Day of Resurrection, people who would inflict severe punishments on them. Your Lord is swift to punish, and He is Forgiving, Merciful.

Forum Suggestions / Re: Who makes the rules here.? MOD !== GOD
« on: July 30, 2016, 10:54:10 PM »

I'm not sure I understood all the requests, but I have created an Arabic language category, which seems to be one of the points raised:

Peace to you,

I'm sorry to hear about the situation you are in, but in the scope of things, this is a drop in the ocean of life...

You have not sinned against the laws of God, and that is more important than all the people or the social acceptance you may wish to seek.

You will forget this small episode and life will move on.

Salam A Submitter,

Thank you. I have made the corrections, except for your last point, which is written correctly in the Quran as "messages".

Salam Timotheus,

I have downloaded your text and updated some of the text (to be in-line with the most recent PDF).

Can you please replace what you have with the below link (please check the formatting as I may have used an older version of your file).


I agree with your post Reel.

My understanding of the verse is to translate as follows:

3:7 He is the One who sent down to you the Book, from which there are legislative verses—they are the Mother of the Book—and others which are comparable. As for those who have a disease in their hearts, they follow that of it which is comparable, seeking to confuse, and seeking to derive an interpretation. But none know its interpretation except God, and those who are well founded in knowledge; they say: "We believe in it, all is from our Lord." And none will remember except those who possess intelligence.

The legislative verses "Hukum" are the essence of the Book and the prime reason it was sent down: do not kill, do not lie, do not eat the meat of pig, etc..

As for the "comparable", they are comparable to the Hukum verses (they seem like laws) when in fact they are not: "obey the messenger, preserve the salat, let women cover, etc..

The twisted people will flock to the "comparable" verses to enforce them as a law when they were never a law (e.g. Saudi Arabia, Iran) and thus distort God's system.

Our story with Lot ends after the town he lived in is destroyed, so no, I don't know where he ended up.


1- The journey from A to B , where is A and where is B?

A: Masjid Haram = Mekka, location of the restricted temple (48:24-25)
B: Masjid Aqsa = Bakka/Jerusalem (land blessed around 17:1, 3:96)

2- How was the journey made? What was the mean of transport?

By the power of God (hence the reference "subhan/glory" to God).

3- How long did the journey take? Was it possible?

Same night (17:1). As for possible, I think it is a forgone conclusion that anything God wants to do is "possible" (raising the dead, etc..).

Also the "farthest Masjid" could be anywhere ( Only mentioned once) ,may be even not on earth? Why or why not?

You could be correct, though I would highlight the description "blessed/mubarak" which is used in a number of other references of a physical place here on Earth (Bakka, the place where Solomon would send the winds, etc.).


When I examine what we have as facts/clues, it paints an interesting picture:

- Abraham is directed towards the location of the shrine by God - 22:26
- The call to pilgrimage is made so that people may attend to the "ancient shrine" 22:29- The shrine at Bakka is called the "first" shrine (implying there is a 2nd?) - 3:96
- The shrine at Bakka has inside it the station/place of Abraham - 3:97
- The shrine at Bakka can be entered - 3:97
- Abraham raises the foundations from an already existing structure - 2:127
- Abraham settles part of his progeny at a site near the "restricted shrine" in a barren valley - 14:37
- Lot is from Abraham's progeny - 6:86
- Lot and Abraham live in two different cities - 29:32
- Lot's town is destroyed, but a part of it was left intact - 29:35
- Mohammed lived in the town of Lot - 37:137-138
- Mohammed lived near the Kaaba "restricted shrine" - 5:97
- Mohammed journey from the "restricted temple" to the "farthest temple" - 17:1
- The "farthest temple" is an area described as "blessed", same description given to the first shrine in Bakka - 3:96

I would therefore say we have:

1. Ancient Shrine/Shrine
2. Restricted Shrine/Shrine

The first is for the pilgrimage, and the 2nd serves as a nearer point for the tribes to give their offerings.

Both Shrines have formed a Temple around them.

1. Al-Aqsa/Farthest Temple
2. Restricted Temple


I would answer that Abraham raised both Temples (one was on its foundations when he arrived, and the other was wiped out completely) - I assume the flood was the reason they were both badly damaged.

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