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My apologies for the absence.

I have uploaded the file with the fixes:

With regards to the comment of Aladin:

Qasitoon is NOT the same as Muqsiteen (it is the opposite).

Muqsit is someone who gives equitably, Qasit is someone who takes for himself (one is good, the other is bad).

You can see this in 72:15 where God tells us that "the Qasitoon" will be the firewood of Hell.

To maintain consistency, I have used "inequitable" for Qasitoon to make it clear as the opposite of Muqsitoon.



Yes, "We" is correct.

Prophecies of the Quran / The Daaba = Oil?
« on: November 05, 2016, 11:32:27 PM »

I was watching a documentary on oil and how its presence has caused the entire communication and transportation revolution, as well as the fact that oil is the result of organic creatures being buried for thousands or millions of years inside the earth.

With this information in mind, I would like to re-examine the prophecy of "The Creature" and the understanding of 27:82

A "Daaba" according to the Quran is land based organic life (made of water 24:45) and is considered, along with birds, as creatures that will return to God after their death (6:38).

27:82 "And when the sentence has fallen upon them, We will extract for them organic matter from the earth, to let them communicate. Indeed, the people are unaware regarding Our signs."

We also read from 27:82 that the "Daaba" will come out from "within the earth," which is not a place where any such creature lives as all land animals dwell "on the earth" and not "in the earth". As such, I read this prophecy as one concerning oil which is the remains of organic land animals, coming from within the earth, and which has enabled "communication" of the people through the various inventions and technologies that have been produced by it.

What is the nature of God? / Re: I remember now why I am here!!!
« on: November 01, 2016, 05:53:06 AM »

Indeed, this path has taught us to love God more strongly and exalt Him above everything else...

2:165 And from among the people are some who take other than God as equals to Him, they love them as they love God; but those who believe love God more strongly; and when those who were wicked see the retribution, they will see that all power belongs to God, and that God is severe in retribution.
May we find peace in His light and under His mercy...

General Issues / Questions / Re: Homosexuality LGBTQI and the deen
« on: October 23, 2016, 08:25:40 AM »

I have skimmed through these posts and find it ridiculous that people would think to promote "fahsha" while serving God alone!

You cannot have sex outside wedlock (consentiual or not) and wedlock can only be between a man a woman.

Pleas people: stop spreading Satanic behavior falsely under the guise of Islam...

7:28 And if they commit immorality, they say: "We found our fathers doing such, and God ordered us to it." Say: "God does not order immorality! Do you say about God what you do not know?"


Please review the below points to be clear:

4. Is last sentence correct?

7:147 And those who deny Our revelations and the meeting of the
Hereafter, their works have collapsed. Will they not be recompensed except for what they used to do?

 7:147 And those who deny Our revelations and the meeting of the Hereafter, their works have collapsed. Are they not being recompensed except for what they used to do?

9.Make you and God capital

10:10 Their  saying  in  it  is:  “Be  you  glorified,  our  god!”  And  their
greeting in it is: “Peace,” and the end of their saying is: “Praise
be to God, Lord of the worlds!”

God is not capital here (it is allahuma - same as 3:26)

14. Remove the?

12:45 And the one of them who had been saved and remembered after
all this time said: “I will tell you of its interpretation, so let me be

12:45 And the one who had been saved of the two, and remembered after all this time said: "I will tell you of its interpretation, so let me be sent."

15. Needs second apostrophe at the end of verse 12:82

12:81  “Return  to  your  father,  and  tell  him:  “Our  father,  your  son  has
stolen,  and  we  did  not  witness  except  what  we  learned,  and  we
could not know the unseen!”
12:82  “And ask the people of the town which we were in, and the caravan
which we have returned with. We are being truthful.”

Apostrophe or exclamation mark?

12:81 "Return to your father, and tell him: "Our father, your son has stolen, and we did not witness except what we learned, and we could not know the unseen!"
12:82 "And ask the people of the town which we were in, and the caravan which we have returned with. We are being truthful!"


I have made two files (one using "Education-Process" and its derivatives, one using "Communion" and its derivatives) (Education-Process) (Communion)


3.Capital or small might?

6:147 If they deny you, then say: “Your Lord has vast Mercy, but His
Might will not be turned away from the criminal people.”

I have made both those words "small" as they are not stated as direct attributes.

All other fixes made and uploaded.


Just to add some more thoughts to this discussion on Salat.

I stated that many of the words used for Salat fail in the different settings/context that the Quran uses (especially prayer).

The most problematic verse in most translations is 9:84 which causes a myriad of shifts in meanings and words:

9:84 And do not "Tusali" upon/for any of them who have died, nor stand at their grave. They have rejected God and His messenger and died while they were wicked.

If we use "pray/commune", then that forces the use of the same meaning for 33:56 & 33:43 where God and His angels "Yussalu" upon the prophet and the believers.

If we use "connect/link", then that creates a different problem as we are speaking about a dead person - no chance of linking or connecting there...

However, if we use the verb "educate" then we can see some form of teaching should be happening when a person dies, which, in this case, the prophet is commanded not to carry out said teaching for this particular group of people...

This is further confirmed by 5:106-108 where we see a "death Salat" being called for after a person has passed and the subject of his testimony/will is discussed and witnessed:

5:106 O you who believe, witnessing shall be done if death is approaching one of you and a will is being made-by two who are equitable amongst you. Or, by two who are unknown to you if you have gone forth in the land and death is approaching. If you have doubt regarding them, then you will hold them after carrying out the "Salat", and let them swear by God: "We will not purchase with it any price, even if it was from a near relative, and we will not conceal the testimony of God, else we are of the sinners."
5:107 If it is then found that they had indeed incurred the sin, then two others, from those who have been named as beneficiaries, will take their place; and they will swear by God: "Our testimony is more truthful than their testimony, and if we aggress, then we are of the wicked."
5:108 This is best as they are more likely to bring the testimony as intended, or face that their oaths would be disregarded as the previous oaths. And be aware of God, and listen; God does not guide the wicked people.


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