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Introduce Yourself / goodbye
« on: December 24, 2014, 08:29:58 PM »
Salaam all,

After a couple of years being active on this forum (lately not so active) I am going to take a pause from this forum.
I do not know for how long, when the time is right I will show up again inshaAllah.
I like to thank you all for the great time I had on this forum.
For those who I wronged, I am very sorry, I hope you will forgive me.

I am sure I am going to forget a lot of people, but I still like to thank and say a couple of words to some people, sorry to those who I forgot.

_Ala_  -- You did not write much and probably do not even know me but I really liked your posts, thank you.
Ayman -- Thank you for all your posts and hard work, I really learned a lot from you.
Abdelilah -- my Bruce Lee friend from Belguim, thank you.
Bahman -- Thank you for trying to teach me with patience about interlock.
Diamantinehoneybunch -- I just read your last post, you are not an apostate! I hope some day you will come back to this forum.
Drfazl -- Thanks for some exellent posts, I learned a lot from you.
Drgm -- same as drfazl, Thanks for some exellent posts, I learned a lot from you.
Es -- Thank you for being my friend.
Fallen Angel 21098 -- I hope some day you will come back to this forum, thank you for your posts.
Good logic --  We did not agree most of time with each other but I still enjoyed our discussions, thank you!
Haniefa -- May Allah give you the best! Thank you!
Hicham9 -- May Allah give you the best! Thank you!
Huruf --  Thank you for being my friend and for your posts full of wisdom!!!
Ikrame -- You were the first one to reply to my first post  :) thank you!!
Indelwyn -- May Allah bless you and your kids!!!
Javed1 -- May Allah give you the best! Thank you!
Layth -- Thank you for this forum! May Allah reward you with the best.
Maha -- Thank you for being my friend!
Man of Faith -- Thank you for our discussions and your posts.
Mazhar -- not always agreeing with each other but thank you for our discussions and teaching me grammar.
Mmkhan -- My big brother. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING. May Allah bless you :pr  (mmkhan style  :) )
Noon waalqalami -- Thank you for all your posts and hard work, I really learned a lot from you.
Pazuzu -- same as noon, Thank you for all your posts and hard work, I really learned a lot from you.
SAbboushi -- I really like you as a human and I really like your excellent posts, thank you!!
SavageCarrot -- THANK YOU!!! inshaAllah, when I come back I will be ready for you  :jedi:
Scaredmuslimah -- You are one of the most beautifull people who have been on this forum, an example for all of us, may Allah always bless you and take care of you where ever you are  :pr
SeekingYou -- Only a little bit active on this forum but you have taken my level of understanding to higher level, thank you!
Student of Allah -- I am very sorry that you do not believe in Allah anymore. thank you for your posts!
Wakas -- Thank you for all your posts and hard work, I really learned a lot from you.
Wasi -- Thank you for being my friend!
Zulf -- Thank you for all your wonderfull posts full of wisdom!

I am sure I forgot a lot of people and probably even friends  :(
Thanks again all of you (the ones I mentioned and the ones I forgot) May Allah bless you all  :pr

For the newcomers and the people I do not know: please read/study the posts and topics of the people mentioned above, take the best of it (not easiest or most difficult but the best) and follow that. I am 100% sure that Allah has sent a lot of them as clear messengers.


ps those who want to stay in touch with me, I just made a new emailadress, feel free to email me on:
Only thing is that I will probably not reply to you for a very long time but inshaAllah when the time is right I will reply to you.

Jinn & the Paranormal / Re: black magic
« on: November 11, 2014, 04:11:22 PM »
My husband suffers with severe anxiety and panic attacks. He has consulted a local mufti. The mufti has asked for his mother's name, wife's name and mother in law's name. Can someone tell me what he needs this information for?


maybe the mufti is searching for his lost family  :hmm

Thank you for the thoughts..

But the question still lies unanswered... how could Noah have lived for 950 years.. it's almost as if he were immortal, living for a millennium.

I wonder if "thousand minus fifty" can be deduced to mean something else....  :confused:

There is no verse which says Noah lived 950 years

Hadith Discussions / Re: An Amazing Hadith Prophecy
« on: November 09, 2014, 02:44:44 PM »
Continuing from where I left off.

I have established that based on a Qur'an-only philosophy there is no reason to deny the validity or permissibility of drinking camel urine, which is the original objection of Reel.

Since the Qur'an (6:145) declares only four food as forbidden (dead/mayta, poured out blood, flesh of swine, and that upon which the name of Allah is not invoked), and categorically states that apart from these four everything else is NOT forbidden.

Everything else includes the following:

1. Urine of Camels is allowed according to Qur'an (6:145)

2. All urine (including human urine) is also allowed according to Qur'an (6:145)

3. Cannibalism (eating human meat) is also allowed according to Qur'an only (6:145)

4. Urine of pigs is allowed (only their meat is forbidden) according to Qur'an only (6:145)

5. All feces is allowed to eat according to Qur'an only (6:145)

6. Feces of dogs, pigs, and humans are included in that

7. Drinking semen/sperm is allowed according to Qur'an only (6:145)

8. Drinking semen/sperm of pigs is allowed according to Qur'anist philosophy

9. Eating donkey meat, dog meat, snakes, insects, worms, maggots, spiders, scorpions, crows, all reptiles, crabs, etc., is allowed according to Qur'an only (6:145)

10. Drinking the urine and milk of all these animals is also allowed according to Qur'anists

Show me anywhere in the Qur'an where any of the above mention food or drink has been declared as forbidden. This is my specific challenge to Reel. If you follow the Qur'an only, then where in the Qur'an only are the above mentioned things declared as forbidden?

I await your answer.


All is forbidden except a few things, If you don't believe me then be my guest and try to drink or eat them, you wil get very fast (some immediately) your penalty.

probably you forgot my question earlier. You made a statement about Allah if it is true what you are saying then please provide what I asked for, otherwise it is maybe better for you to promote your sunnah without linking it to Allah.


Hadith Discussions / Re: An Amazing Hadith Prophecy
« on: November 08, 2014, 04:43:18 PM »

Similarly, we have our written Book (Qur'an) and a Wisdom which has been passed down orally (The Sunnah), both have been revealed by Allah


I am very sure there is no verse in The Quran where this statement is made, but I have not much knowledge about your sunnah. Can you give me 1 example of one of your sunnas where it claimes that it is revealed by Allah.


General Issues / Questions / Re: :: What to believe? ::
« on: November 08, 2014, 04:32:56 PM »

You are still the same >:( No changes >:(


Not true, I am older now  :yes

I mean believing like believing in you or a computer or internet is OK. But if you don't believe in them you will go to hell. My question was believing as in blue, do we need to believe like this if we believe in Allah alone? Or believing in Allah alone is enough.

It is hard not to believe in something which you have witnessed. If a messenger comes to me with a message from Allah, I will believe in both in Allah and in the messenger, how is it even possible to deny the messenger if you believe in his message? Would be strange to say: "Yo messenger I totally belief in every word you had with you but I don't believe in you, I believe in Allah alone".

Should we belief in things we have not witnessed?
That's a more difficult question.
I do not believe in angels like in the movies but I believe in malaikats, I do not know exactly what they are or who they are are but I believe in a book which mentions to my idea some creatures called malaikats so I do believe in them even without knowing exactly what or who they are.

May Allah bless you :pr

May Allah bless you 2 :pr

I have the strange idea we are talking about different things  :hmm

General Issues / Questions / Re: :: What to believe? ::
« on: November 08, 2014, 04:16:34 PM »

Please check my article on tawakkal to know what I meant. Hope you get what I am trying to say, inshaAllah.

May Allah increase our knowledge and guide us on His path :pr


Still did not read it but it is on my to do list  ;)


General Issues / Questions / Re: :: What to believe? ::
« on: November 08, 2014, 04:15:38 PM »
peace bender,



See the answer of Noon. Let me give an example of how I see 9:24
We can love our son/daughter as much as we like, actually the more the better BUT we have to be always just. We should never choose the side of our daughter/son when we know that justice is not on their side. If we do that then we have not choosen for Allah but for our children.

For the other verse 12:8 The father of yusuf loved yusuf more because Yusuf was just and his brothers where bad guys. The father of Yusuf was a good father.

Anyway this is how I understand, I may be totally wrong.


Salaam Bender,
Thanks for the reply. Good thoughts. But just to point out to you a simple fact... just as you consider yourself as being 'al-muttaqeen' by blindly following the Quran  , there are billions of other people blindly following their own scriptures (filled with half-truths and whole lies)... On what basis does one ascertain which book is the truth?

Salaam Harris,

Red: I think you misunderstood. An 'al-muttaqeen' does not follow blindly The Quran. He/she takes the Quran as a guidance not the guidance. When there are things written in the book that goes against his/her judgement of good and bad he/she never forgets the direct instructions from Allah.
Let me give you an example. If I followed blindly The Quran I would have cut off my both hands and every other stealing hand.
BUT I know (This means I have 100% certainty) that this command is not from Allah. This is what "al muttaqeen" means in my dictionary.
There are 4 possibilities now.
1 The Quran is not from Allah.
2 The Quran is from Allah, but I do not understand The Quran
3 The Quran is from Allah but shaytaan (devil) made me think that cutting off hands is not from Allah
4 I am crazy
I have reached a stadium now where I am certain that The Quran is revealed with permission of Allah. If there is something in The Quran that goes against my judgement of good and evil then I know that my understanding of The Quran is not from Allah but from others.

Why would you reject the Old Testament and not the Quran? What is your criteria?
My first criteria is that a book has to claim that it is from The One who created every existing thing.
As far as I know The Old testament does not claim this anywhere. And as far as I know there is no other scripture that has this claim.
If there is a scripture which claims the same then we can discuss my other criteria.
The Quran did not only meet my first criteria but also all my other criteria.

The simple rule would be to follow the scripture that does not have any illogical nonsensical ideas in it and at the same time guides the follower towards the true Creator of the Universe. Any scripture that accepts evil or idolization of helpless human beings or teaches materialism or irrational thoughts would not fit the criteria.
Totally agreed, this is one of my other criteria.
If there is a scripture made by humans who forbids evil and promotes good then follow it, those scriptures are from humans but those humans where certainly inspired by Allah.

As far as I am concerned, there is no historical book that reveals the truth better than the Quran. But there are still some verses that need clarification. Instead of just giving up the realities of the universe and not questioning, I would be at peace if these points were clearer.
Red: totally agreed.
Blue: I don't think there exist(ed) a human being who understand everything from The Quran.
Just an example: 95:1  وَالتِّينِ وَالزَّيْتُونِ
Yusuf Ali translation: By the Fig and the Olive,

Take any translation you like, but is there anyone who can explain to me what kind of information this is for me?
Ok lets suppose it's talking about the fig and the olive.
Great information but I still have 0% idea what it is talking about and I guess no one knows what it means except Allah.
I have accepted these kind of verses as part of The Book. Nowadays, I try to take advantage from them from a technical point of view instead of forcing an explanation by guessing.
Green: You should never give up realities, realities are from Allah.
I am not sure what verses you are talking about.
I am not sure if you can read the arabic characters, if not then I strongly advice you to learn them if you want for yourself to explore The Book.
Take from the translations of The Quran only the good things, the bad things are 100% certain mistranslations.

Thank you for your time. Peace.

You too, peace

Salaam Bros n Sisters,

Its been a long time since I posted. As a rational monotheist Muslim, I am content that I follow a religion that is most logical and superior to all other beliefs on Earth. But then there are yet questions about Islam that bother me. These are questions that pop-up when discussing religion with people of other religions. I would be grateful if all of you here could provide your own views and responses.


Here are a few queries....

1) We usually discuss that the Holy Quran is very scientific, logical and one will not find any nonsense within it. But then we also have verses that discuss about King Solomon's time when he 'spoke' to the hoopoe bird and heard the ant; when 'jinns' did all kinds of magical stuff in daily life. Verses talk about the bad effects of black-magic, the evil-eye etc. all of which are truly unscientific. Hindus are quick to point out such verses to show that their outlandish mythologies of demons and gods on earth are comparatively the same in this regard. On what basis can one invite a rational polytheist/ disbeliever/ pagan/ athiest to 'believe' Islam when we have to ask him to accept our unbelievable stories, so as to leave behind his own illogical beliefs?

Salaam brother,

You quoted on the end of your post verse 2:2, I think that is the answer to your question.
Do you think you are from "al-muttaqeen"? If yes, then use the book as al-muttaqeen use it.
If no, then try to become one  ;)
Seriously this is the only way to acces the treasures of the book.
What you descibe above are explanations from people who are not from al-muttaqeen, they only guess and take the wrong explanation.

3) If Islam is the true word of God, why is there so much chaos, suffering and hatred in the Muslim world? If we explain that this is because average Muslims do not follow the real word of God from the Quran, then the Christian asks, why then did God reveal the Quran, if people ultimately did not follow it? What is the utility of the revelation when it is not used for society's benefits? Why is it that the world's most peaceful, techonologically advanced and democratic countries that give human freedoms are all nations that DO NOT follow the message of Islam? For whose benefit was the "final message" of the Quran revealed? For just a few individuals here and there who call themselves monotheists? What is the need for the message, when mankind is always attaining its ethical and moral goals through other sources?
We say the Bible is not truly the word of God, but contains conflicting messages. How is it that the adherents of the Bible, even today are the most blessed of all people,the most charitable and the most powerful? They have established schools, hospitals and orphanages across the world, with countless priests and nuns having dedicated their lives for the welfare of the needy. How many Muslims organisations are doing half of this work?

RED: In a "Muslim" world there is no hatred, suffering and chaos.
I hope you understand what I am trying to say.

3) Something as basic as marriage..if it is allowed by God to have up to 4 wives for men, (assuming that one can be just and fair to each wife) why is it that the Prophet of Islam had upto 9 wives at the same time? Isn't the very messenger, breaking the message he preached? Isn't that hypocrisy?
See my answer to the first part.
RED: We have to be very very veeeeery sure before we say something in the name of Allah.
Do you really think Allah allows this kind of immorality?
Allah forbids EVERY immorality, visible or hidden. It is really important to understand this.
People have written libraries  to justify polygamy but in the end it is still immorality, there is no justification for immorality.

4:3 is not about polygamy  :nope:

Any answers to these queries would really make life a lot easier.. Thank you so much for your time!

Sorry if my answers sound like dictating. Anyway I hope my answers will help you a bit.

thank you


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