5 Pillar Myth

In today's version of Islam, we hear that the religion has been built upon 5-Pillars which, if upheld, grant the person a very high chance of his/her succeeding in this worldly life and entering paradise...

The 5-Pillars are described as follows:

  1. Witnessing there is no god but GOD, and that Mohammed is His messenger;
  2. The daily Prayer/Salat - 5-times per day;
  3. The obligatory charity (zakat) amounting to 2.5% per annum;
  4. Fasting the month of Ramadhan;
  5. Pilgrimage to Mecca at least once.

Saleh's Camel

Amongst the many narrations of people and places that God has revealed in the Quran, one story deals with the people of `Thamud` who inherited power after the people of Aad and to whom the messenger Saleh was sent from amongst them to warn them of their misdeeds and to ask they change their ways...

The Night of Decree

According to the Almighty, there is a very special night that occurs during which He sends His decrees to Earth and during which all matters of importance are undertaken. It was during this blessed night that the glorious Qur’an was sent down.

Women's Dress Code In Islam

God, the Most Gracious, Most Merciful, insists on making His religion easy, practical and enjoyable for His true believers. God also told us that those who reject Him or His books are making life miserable for themselves and for their loved ones who follow in their footsteps. He reminds us in the Quran that He has placed no hardship on us in practicing our religion (see 22:78). "You shall strive for the cause of GOD as you should strive for His cause. He has chosen you and has placed no hardship on you in practicing your religion - the religion of your father Abraham..." 22:78

Noah and the Great Flood

The story of Noah and the Great Flood is a tale that has been repeated and retold by various cultures and various religious denomination spanning the length and breadth of the planet Earth. At its core is the story of how God was so angered with humankind that He instructed Noah to build a great ship with which to carry a pair of each animal and then He sent a flood to wipe clean the Earth and begin anew...

Where Was Mohammed?

This article has been written with the intent of looking into humankind's history through the legacy of the Patriarch Abraham and some of the messengers that followed. The search for the actual Mohammed will take us to several locations in the Middle East, ending with conclusions that are quite different from today’s perceived history.

Judgement Day, Hell & Earth

One of the most recurring subjects to deal with in the study of the Qur’an is that of Judgment Day, Earth, and Hell – all of which touch on mankind’s inevitable fate of facing our Creator for the deeds we have done and the paths we have taken. 7:187 They ask you regarding the Hour: “When will be its time?” Say: “Its knowledge is with my Lord, none can reveal its coming except He...